How to Enable Strikethrough in Outlook 365

Some common formatting options like bold or underline are available in most applications.

You can use them in Microsoft Outlook, and you’ve probably already found them and maybe even used them in your emails.

But if you want to use the strikethrough effect to draw a line through your text, then you may be wondering if that’s possible as well.

Our tutorial below will show you where to find strikethrough in Outlook 365 and how you can use it to draw a line through your text.

How to Use Strikethrough in Microsoft Outlook

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Create a new email.
  3. Select the Message tab.
  4. Click the Font button in the Basic Text section.
  5. Check the Strikethrough box.
  6. Click OK.

Our guide continues below with additional information about enabling strikethrough in Microsoft Outlook 365, including pictures of these steps.

If you have ever seen text that had a line drawn through it, then you may have thought that it was some kind of special font.

Actually, it’s a font effect, similar to bold, italics, or underline, and it’s available in most Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

You can also use it in Microsoft Outlook when you are sending someone an email.

Strikethrough is a useful way to indicate that some parts of your text should be ignored, while still allowing the reader to see that content if they would like.

Our article below will show you where to find the Outlook strikethrough option and use it to draw lines through your email text.

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How to Draw a Line Through Text in Outlook 365 (Guide with Pictures)

The steps in this article were performed in the Microsoft Outlook for Office 365 version of the application but will work for other versions of Microsoft Outlook as well.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Outlook.

Step 2: Click the New Email button on the Home tab.

If you already have the email window open and are writing a message then you can just choose the window instead of creating another new message.

create a new email

Step 3: Select the Message tab at the top of the window.

click the Message tab

Step 4: Click the small Font button at the bottom-right corner of the Basic Text section in the ribbon.

click the Font button

Step 5: Check the box to the left of Strikethrough.

how to apply strikethrough in Outlook 365

Step 6: Click the OK button at the bottom of the Font dialog box.

click OK

Now that you know how to add strikethrough in Outlook 365 you will be able to use this option when you want to draw a line through text in one of your emails.

More Information About Outlook Strikethrough

You can also use a similar series of steps if you want to remove strikethrough in Outlook 365 as well. Simply select the text in your email that has a line drawn through it, then go to Message > Font > and uncheck the box to the left of Strikethrough.

If you aren’t able to click the Font dialog box launcher in the Basic Text group of the ribbon, then it may be because your cursor is currently in the To, CC, BCC, or Subject fields. Try clicking inside the email body field and try again.

Outlook 365 has two different ribbon options. Classic Ribbon and Simplified Ribbon. You can switch between these by clicking the downward-facing arrow at the right end of the ribbon, then choosing the desired option under Ribbon Layout.

If you have already typed the text that you wish to strikethrough, then you will need to select it first before you complete the steps above. Any text that you have selected prior to checking the Strikethrough box will get a line drawn through it.